By Katie Mackrory, BSW, RSW.

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Registered Social Worker.


I love seeing people be the best version of themselves. Even more, I love being part of their journey to help them get there. This life isn't meant to be lived alone, I believe we need one another to learn and grow. My goal is to provide a safe place to help individuals come together to learn about themselves and to better their lives. We all have something to work on and that's okay, we're human. However, we don't have to do it alone and it doesn't have to be boring. We can have fun, we can dive deep into our souls and we can build relationships all at the same time.

At the young age of 17, I became a Nursing Assistant in a well known hospital in Calgary. At 19 yrs old I married and moved around Canada as my spouse followed his dreams in the Air Force. Born in Calgary, we were first stationed to Quebec, then to B.C. 5 years of military life led us to seek stability and we moved back to the Calgary area (Airdrie, AB) where we have now been for 6 years. 

 We all have our trials and tribulations but it is what we choose do with them that counts!

I am here for you today. This journey, that is soul crushing at times, doesn't have to be your fight to take on alone. 

Contact me to register for Counselling, Wellness Education, private group sessions/ corporate wellness or workshops and commit to being the best version of yourself!

With love and admiration,

Katie Mackrory 

In 2015 I graduated with my bachelors of Social Work from the University of Calgary. During my education I worked with at risk youth and post degree I have worked in a local non-profit providing affordable housing and crisis counselling. More recently, I have published a children's book called "Little Tommy Big Beliefs" that is now in its 2nd round of printing and is available at Indigo (Chapters). 

Through all of this my family has grown and my spouse and I have had two beautiful babies and two fur babies.

Happy Hiking
Fall Foliage
Bridge Over River

What I can
do for you.

My services.

.Free half hr consultation over the phone or in person                                           

.Option for mobile sessions or office Sessions

.Flat rate of $90/ Hr

. No income assessment needed

.Working with a Registered Social Worker

.Providing referrals to trusted organizations and businesses

.Client centered

.Supportive Counselling

.In-depth Personal Analysis

.Communication Skills

.Relationship building

.First Responder and Family Coaching

.Self Advocacy Coaching

.Career Coaching

.Parent Coaching

.Life Skills Coaching

.Seniors care specialist

.Retirement guidance

.AISH guidance

.Rare/ Autoimmune disease support

.Government paperwork assistance

.University guidance

.Youth Mentor (ages 12+)

.Focus techniques



.Goal Setting

.Hands on help to reach goals


“what would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh


Questions, queries
and registration.

Contact me.

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